RLQ is back!

My close friend & precious model RhondaLee Quaresma is coming back to stages as female bodybuilder competitor! Sponsors and fans, please don’t forget to support RhondaLee for her exciting comeback! Next goal; her second International IFBB Pro Event in the new Physique Category on June 1st!

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Hodgetwins vs. Rene Campbell

Everythin’ started with Youtube’s crazy Hodgetwins made a video about Rene Campbell’s biggest problem (!!!) that she can’t find a man to date! (c’mon, we all know that she can find dozens in a minute) And then Rene answered ’em with a video which can make guys a lil’ excited! Really funny!

Here’s Hodgetwins guys (balls deep! :D)

and Rene’s answer (HOT!)


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